Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady

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Are You Called to Serve Others?

While it is our goal to continue to work with our lay partners throughout our various ministries, we pray that God calls more women to religious vocations so that the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady’s ministry can continue through the next century. We invite you to learn more about our Franciscan way of life. Our Vocation Team is always available to work with you and to help begin your journey of discernment. We encourage Catholic women aged 18-40 who are American citizens to contact us.

If you have the passion and energy and want to become a religious Sister, we encourage you to make a difference with your life by serving others with the support of the community and living a deeply prayerful life, contact us.

Sister or Nun?

Many people use the terms interchangeably, but there are important differences. Nuns’ lives are spent in prayer and they work within their convent or monastery. Sisters pray as well, but are more active in the larger community, engaging in many kinds of work most often for people who are in great need. Both nuns and Sisters take vows to God, live in community, give themselves entirely to God for life and live in the spirit of the founder of their particular religious order.