Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady

Give Now to Haiti Healthcare Project

Why Give?

Haiti is indeed a country filled with those who are “most in need.” While we do not deny our Catholic faith, we are not in Haiti to convert. True to our mission, we are here to serve those who are most in need. Our ministry in Aquin brings us both hope and challenge and we take faith in doing our best to be God’s loving presence — one brother and one sister at a time.

Your Donation Helps With

  • Facility repairs due to earthquake and storm damage
  • A variety of needed items such as medications; medical supplies; disinfecting wipes
  • Staples such as powdered milk, beans, rice, cornmeal, sugar and cooking oil
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Propane for cooking, used in place of charcoal and prevents the cutting of endangered trees; and a host of other items. 

You can give any amount at any time. Know that 100% of your donation will go directly to the FMOL Sisters managing the Haiti Project. No donation is too small.