Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady


Our Beginnings

The Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady are an International Congregation of consecrated Women in the Catholic Church inspired by St. Francis of Assisi who was the founder of the Franciscan orders. We were founded by the union of seven Franciscan communities in Calais, France, in 1854. The instruments of this union were Bishop Parisis, Fr. Adolphe Duchene and Mother Louise Mabille.

Mother Louise Mabille was the first Superior General of the Franciscan Sisters of Calais.

The Franciscan Sisters of Calais wished to have a more universal description because of their extension in diverse areas of the world. Therefore, in 1964, they obtained from Rome the change of their name to “Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady.”

We come together to live an evangelical life in the Spirit of St. Francis of Assisi. We witness to a life of conversion through prayers, poverty and minority wherever we live and serve. As Franciscans, we are called to live in community and to participate in the life and Mission of the Church.

Father Adolphe Duchene

Mother Louise Mabille

More Than a Century of Faith and Service