Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady

About Us

Our Community

We, the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady, live prayerful lives in a community dedicated to caring for others, especially those most in need. In this atmosphere of kindness and goodness, we support each other’s professional and spiritual needs and draw strength from our shared community. Sisters pursue various career paths in medical, professional and other fields, and work in various capacities. We regularly attend professional conferences and meetings and we work closely with our team members in Louisiana and Mississippi. By sharing all of their lives together — praying, working, eating, planning and celebrating — each Sister contributes to the community and support each other physically, mentally and spiritually. Read more about our Sisters.

Our Mission

In response to the call of God, we, the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady North American Province, come together to live the evangelical life in the spirit of Francis of Assisi. Through our baptism and our religious consecration as Franciscans, we witness to a life of conversion, through prayer, poverty, and minority wherever we live and serve.

As an international, apostolic institute in the Catholic Church, we follow the long tradition of women religious in the Third Order Regular, who like Mother Louise Mabille, carried the vision and mission of Jesus to bring the Good News of God’s love and reconciliation to the world. Through our personal witness and our diversity of ministries, we try to make this vision a reality.

Keeping Mary, the Mother of God, ever before our eyes, we journey towards the future in hope with others, as we discern the signs of the times, where God is calling us, and how we are to respond to the needs of God’s people. We go forth as messengers of justice and reverence, peace and reconciliation, compassion and healing.

Our Charism

Our charism is rooted in Franciscan Spirituality and what is called our Supreme Rule of Mission and a life of following Christ, as the Gospel guides us. We, like St. Francis, live in an attitude of conversion to God in an apostolic community that aims to be a witness and instrument of union and communion. Read more about our charism.

Our Vision

Responding to the spirit of God in our lives, we, the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady, live with integrity, making vibrant our shared evangelical life. We reach out in reverence and compassionate service to every person, especially those most in need, and work to make a significant difference in the world.