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Sister Rita Lanie

7-With-Story-Lanie-Rita1_page-body-copy-imageI was born and raised in New Iberia, Louisiana, and attended the Academy of Grand Coteau. I felt the call to religious life early in my life, but first I was called to serve in another way.

I was the youngest of seven children, and so I cared for my aging parents. After my father died in 1978, I began to consider seriously joining the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady. But it wasn’t until after my mother passed away in 1989 that I decided to begin my formation as a Franciscan Sister in Baton Rouge. For me, the call to serve was a beautiful manifestation of the blessings from Almighty God in his call to service to others.

I knew that the Franciscans recognized more or less any career, although primarily in health care. After my graduation from high school, I had done clerical work near my home in Jeanerette, Louisiana. I enjoyed that kind of work very much, and this proclivity followed me into the Franciscan Order. Working in the business office at Our Lady of the Lake, I found my niche.

Also, I had been encouraged to join the Franciscans by a longtime friend who had been a Franciscan Sister. She reinforced for me the nature of community life and what to expect. One of the benefits of living my life within our community is that I’ve recognized and accepted that I am introverted by nature, which is part of who I am.